Sunday, January 27, 2013

HOW TO: Set a Windows Program To Always Be Run As Administrator

Some programs require special administrative authorization to execute properly, no matter the logged-on user. Installers and updaters are great examples of programs that need elevated administrative permission, especially when installing something for use by all users.

Because this exposes your entire system to the program, make sure you absolutely trust the program completely before granting it administrator privileges.

Once you've decided to allow a program to always run with administrative privileges, just use the steps below to make it happen.

These steps are valid for Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.
1. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the desired file.
2. Right click on the entry for the desired file. Select Properties, found at the bottom of the popup list.
3. Select (by left click) the Compatibility tab.
4. Optional Click on the [Change settings for all users] button.
5. Check the last checkbox in the dialog window, in the "Run this program as an Administrator."6. Click the [OK] button. If you chose to enable for all users, you'll need to click [OK] a second time.

It's a little more complicated in Windows XP. Keep watching this space. We'll be adding the XP version soon.

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