Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TERMINAL TIP: Handy ADB Commands (Android Debug Bridge)

Here are some very useful commands. To use them, you must have installed the Android SDK (Software Development Kit), which includes the command line tool ADB. When you have installed it, you can then open a Windows command window.

adb devices                   lists connected devices
adb [-d | -e] shell           connects terminal mini-bash shell to device (-d) or emulator (-e)

Once in the debug shell, try these commands

kill-server                cuts connection to emulator

start-server              [re-]connects eclipse to emulator

logcat                      displays running log in a terminal windows
logcat TAG:* *:S   filtered: TAG:* = only show all TAG entries; *:S = all others Silent
                                   [ TAG corresponds to Log.d(TAG, "msg"); in .java code ]

input keyevent 82        unlocks screen of connected device

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